InKey-Mozhi is the Malayalam Transliteration keyboard that uses Mozhi Scheme.

After installing to toggle between English and Malayalam press the CTRL key twice.


InKey-Mozhi Installer

SetupInKey- Full InKey Software™ installer including the latest InKey-Mozhi keyboard. See Downloads page for important notes/instructions regarding InKey installation.

InKey-Mozhi Keyboard:

If you already have InKey (v 2.0 or above) installed on your computer, you can download the Malayalam InKey-Mozhi keyboard and install it

mlym-mozhi_2015-07-13.inkey Add-on keyboard package for existing InKey installations

InKey-Mozhi Keyboard: Source Code

Source code of InKey-Mozhi Tinker Keyboard Link to the github repository of InKey-Mozhi Keyboard.

History of InKey

The first version of InKey was created by Daniel McCloy in 2008, and was available only through limited distribution channels. InKey 2.0 was released to the public in 2015.

History of InKey Mozhi Keyboard

In March 2015, a discussion in the Nalla Malayalam Facebook Community, some members raised the issue that they are facing while typing Malayalam in Windows platform using the existing typing tools. The tools that they are using started giving issues from Windows 7 onwards. The 32 bit/64 bit version also added more issues with the existing typing applications. Also some of some of the existing software that they had used had become paid software. Hence the requirement for a new solution arose. This requirement from Malayalam windows users was reported to the InKey development team. Inkey Mozhi is the result of this request.

The InKey Mozhi Keyboard is written in Tinker Keyboard Description Language. The source code of the InKey Mozhi keyboard is available online at github. If you are interested in creating your own keyboard (or modifying the Mozhi to match with your own preferences, you can do so by downloading and modifying the InKey-Mozhi Keyboard. To learn more about InKey Tinker Keyboard Description language, please visit

Other info

If you have a previous version of InKey running on your computer, please uninstall it before installing this new version.

Thank you for your interest in using InKey. If you have suggestions, feedback, bug reports, or feature requests for the InKey system, please notify the developers through the Forums page.

For issues relating specificially to the InKey Mozhi keyboard, or to provide any feedback or in Malayalam, please write instead to

Known Issues

  1. While testing it is reported that in some cases the second keystroke is losing if the same key had to press twice. There are cases in the Mozhi keyboard layout where need to press the same key twice. For eg. to obtain ട്ട്, you need to type ‘tt’. However on all other systems, it worked just fine. We are still investigating this issue and a solution is yet to be found. If you experience this (or similar) behaviour, please report it to the the developers through the Forums page.
  2. The ‘nta (ന്റ)’ is not represented as per the current Unicode standard. This is because most of the current Malayalam unicode fonts still follow the non-standard way of representing ‘nta’. However we will soon include an alternate way of typing the standard form of ‘nta’ in InKey Mozhi.